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Open: 9am - 6pm

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The ultimate air purification system from PureAir

Over 200,000 air purification units sold throughout Europe and the UK!

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Kills up to 99% of germs, bacteria and viruses in your home

Effective air purification with the latest PHI (Photohydroionization) Cell technology

Image of the PureAir air purification system
  • PureAir is a remarkable air purification and airflow circulation fan system that uses a safe and scientifically proven ‘oxidisation’ process to improve air quality.

  • Trusted by some of the worlds most recognisable companies, PureAir is now available for households.

  • PureAir requires zero maintenance and comes with a 5-year fan and 2-year PHI cell guarantee.

Unrivalled air purification performance










Image of a white PureAir air purification unit fitted to a ceiling

Why we need better quality air indoors 

We tend to think of harmful air pollution as something that occurs outdoors.
But did you know that indoor air is up to 10 times more polluted than the air outside?
There are hundreds of bacteria, germs and viruses circulating inside our homes, along with harmful mould spores, gases and vapours.
Many of these pathogens move freely in the air before settling on hard surfaces and fabrics.

The air purification system trusted by

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The effect pollutants in the air have on our health 

It’s shocking to think that around 4 million people die prematurely from illnesses attributable to household air pollution.

Common health problems include  

    heart disease
    chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    lung cancer

And now, many people are concerned about the dangers of coronavirus.

Picture of an elderly woman in a mask protected against air pollution

Trust in the same technology embraced by hospitals, medical centres and dental practices

Picture of a nurse in a room with air purification

Air Flow uses a process called oxidisation to kill viruses, clean air and eliminate odours.

At the heart of every unit is a PHI Cell™ combining broad-spectrum UV light and a hydrated quad-metallic target.

The hydrated quad-metallic target acts as a catalyst and produces  

    superoxide ions
    passive negative ions
    ozonide ions
    safe, low-level ozone (03)

These safe and naturally occurring ions and oxides circulate through the air bonding with germs, bacteria and viruses —breaking them down — rendering them inert, safe and odour-free.

The ions and oxides also neutralize harmful chemicals such as mercury, benzene, formaldehyde, chloroform, and ammonia.

Don’t Miss Out On Pure Clean Air This Winter!

Coronavirus is on the rise and may soon affect our ability to instal PureAir systems. So help us to help you . . .

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  • Are the ions and oxides emitted from PureAir safe?

    Yes, the ions and oxides emitted from PureAir are perfectly safe. PureAir technology is tested to stringent standards and approved for use by hospitals and clinical centres around the world.

  • Will the UV light shine in my room?

    The low-level UV light is projected onto a hydrated target inside the unit. So UV light does not shine into the room.

  • I keep my house clean with detergent and chemicals. Isn’t this enough?

    Detergents offer one line of defence on hard surfaces but do not protect against airborne pathogens. 
    Many household cleaners are effective against bacteria but not viruses. Always check the label.
    Those that are effective contain high levels of harmful substances such as sodium hypochlorite (bleach). Bleach is a known respiratory irritant and harmful if the liquid or vapour comes into contact with the eyes, skin, nose or mouth. Also, surfaces cleaned with detergent can quickly become re-infected once the chemicals dry.

  • How effective is PureAir against the new coronavirus?

    PureAir technology is proven effective against SARS in addition to other ‘harder-to-kill’ viruses.
    The world is still learning about SARS-CoV-2 (the new coronavirus), and the virus is not currently available for public testing. There are only a handful of facilities in the world able to test the new coronavirus and the manufacturers of PureAir are working hard to obtain results.
    However, Dr James L. Marsden, Associate Director of the National Agriculture Biosecurity Centre at Kansas State University suggests that “There is every reason to believe PureAir PHI Cell™ technology would be effective in the reduction of COVID-19.”
    Read all about coronavirus [add link to coronavirus page]

  • How is PureAir installed in my home?

    One PureAir unit provides continuous air purification throughout an entire home or bungalow in most cases. The commercial grade units are usually recessed into a loft space on a landing or in a bungalow hallway. This type of installation means PureAir is 'flush-fitted' and avoids the unit taking up unnecessary space in your home.
    Our installation engineers are fully qualified electrical contractors.